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What To Finalize 3 Months Before The Wedding

The wedding menu and the flowers

wedding photographer HertfordshireIn the same way that you are planning out the professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire that you would like to hire out for the wedding, you should do the same for the menu and the flowers as well.

Plan out the favors for the wedding

Without a proper plan in place, you might not have a proper thank you give to hand out to your guests after the wedding day and this is something that you don’t really want to have to deal with. You can DIY it so that you get to save a little bit of money on the side but make sure as well that time will be on your side because DIY projects tend to take up a lot of time and this is not the type of thing that you can have on your plate if you are doing literally over a hundred things at once.

Make a list of people you are putting up on the mic

Making the wedding reception night as an open mic invitation is a very bad idea and you need to make sure that you get to properly control how things go during the reception party as much as possible. Some people are really good at making toasts and speeches while some are not and this is something that you need to understand early on as much as you possibly can. Wedding receptions are usually coupled with a party vibe and oftentimes a lot of alcohol as well and you need to get this in consideration as much as possible. You don’t want any inappropriate or drunken speeches during the time of the wedding day reception so you need to think about that and properly curate the people that you are planning to include in your list of toast or speech givers during the day of the wedding.

Print your program and menu cards in advance

This way, you get to know for sure that everyone who will be there during the wedding will be in the loop of what is going to happen. Make sure that you get them printed out in advance, too. You are going to need them for the rehearsals. The more in tune everyone will be on the big day, the better things will turn out and the smoother it will all be for you in the end. You need to know for sure that you have them up. If you don’t have the extra cash to fling around to get them printed out by a professional, you can definitely do them yourself. This is one of the things that you can comfortably DIY. Consider it as a fun project that you can play around with but make sure that you do it ahead of time. You can’t afford any delays on this or your plate will fill up pretty soon and you might forget to get them taken care of in the first place. You can’t afford to let this happen at any point in time so make sure that things are settled and planned out accordingly as much as possible. Give your wedding photographer Hertfordshire a copy so that he can be looped in on the events of the day as well.