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Practical Wedding Planning Tips For You

Set up a joint bank account.

wedding photographer EssexPeople who will be attending your wedding as well as close friends and family members who might not be able to make it will be keen on donating a certain amount to make up for their absence. Although this can put a damper on the celebrations, this is something that might actually work for you and for your partner financially because it technically means that you have something that will help you soften the financial blow of how much it costs to get the wedding preparations and services together. It comes as no surprise that planning out a wedding can be a costly expense and if you have people pooling funds for you, then you are off to a pretty good start. Most people will be issuing you checks and if that happens to be the case, it will save them time and will save them from confusion if you already have a joint bank account ready to go. You can even have the details splashed on your wedding website or social media page for ease of access to your guests.

We highly advise not to include this in your wedding invitations as this can come off as tacky so keep it posted but make it a point to keep it discreet as much as possible so that if friends private message you for the details, you have something to give out to them so far and your accounts will not be all over the place. This can help you take care of wedding photographer Essex fees along with the rest of the other expenses that you might incur for the wedding day so far.

Have a wedding planning app.

A wedding app can come in handy, figuratively and literally because it is something that you have at the palm of your hands and you can go without a wedding planner or binder if you already have a useful wedding app in tow. Get this taken into account when you have a lot of info and data to take care of and you will be able to handle things easily and efficiently with nothing more than the touch of a button. A wedding app can help you organize your data efficiently and without that much of a hassle. You can set up anything from your wedding photographer Essex to your color palettes to pretty much anything and everything else related to the wedding planning process.

Go for programs that double as manual fans.

This way, in case the day gets a little hot, your guests can use the programs to fan themselves. This can be particularly useful if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Plus, think about all of the fun that you are going to have designing those fans. Your guests will think it is both smart and practical for you to convert the programs into fans and it will look awesome in the wedding photographer Essex shots being taken.

Always have snacks handle pre and post wedding.

Make sure that everyone is fed, including the people who will be working for you during that day. For more great tips about how to make the most out of your wedding photographer Essex coverage and wedding planning in general, visit the page of Justin Bailey Photography.

What Brides Should Take Into Account

Keep your options open when it comes to the wedding dresses.

wedding photographer essexAlthough meeting up with a designer to get your dress designed for you accordingly might seem like your first and only option when it comes to bringing a wedding dress together, this might not always be the case when it comes to things like this. There are a lot of things that you can do and a lot of dress you have as your options if you just open them up a bit. You don’t have to go for a designer dress just so that you can look beautiful during the day of your wedding. It doesn’t always have to be like that at all. You can even opt to order your dress online if you happen to find something suitable enough for you. Some brides order prom dresses or even bridesmaid dress if they happen to fancy the design.

You can go ahead and do that as well. You may also opt to order your wedding dress off of a rack if you happen to like anything. You just need to make sure that you get to order your dress ahead of time so that you can fit it and get alterations done before the big wedding day. This is something that you can take into account when it all comes down to it. A great professional wedding photographer Essex will be able to capture you beautifully in the photos if he is worth his salt.

Avoid ring envy at all costs.

There will always be other engagement rings that will have bigger stones and more luster than yours and this is not a reason for you to dampen your happiness about the wedding. Be happy with what you have and focus more on the planning of your wedding than worrying too much about whether you are ahead of the game or not when it all comes down to it. Don’t compare your ring with the rest of your friends’ because it is a pointless endeavour. You are marrying the love of your life and you are mapping out the arrangements for the biggest day of your life. There really isn’t anything else that you should be worried about or focusing on during the process. Trust in what your wedding photographer Essex can do when he is shooting macro shots of your engagement ring and leave it at that.

Go beyond the per head perception.

Most brides make the mistake that they can name a tentative number per head on the guests that they are planning to invite during the wedding day but there are a lot of other ensuing costs. An open bar, entertainment, among other things can prove to be excessive for your wedding expenses and you need to do something about this at the end of the day.

Do your floral research.

The more you know about the costs of flowers, what type of flowers will be fitting for the wedding, what flowers will be available and in season during the timing of your wedding and what the proper conditioning for these flowers are will prove to be quite useful to you for when you are mapping out your wedding details.