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What To Ask Your Portrait Photographer

People always wonder how they can get that perfect, frame worthy portrait of themselves.

portrait photographer AberdeenGetting the prefect shot isn’t easy but there is a way to ensure you’ll get those amazing, dramatic, model like pictures. The technique is in hiring a capable portrait photographer Aberdeen who knows the ins and outs of portrait photography. This seems as an obvious tip but people often forget it. The excitement of having your portrait taken often clouds one’s mind leading to people hiring the first or most convenient portrait photographer Aberdeen they see. In the end, they end up with hiring amateur portrait photographers who give them subpar portrait pictures. Don’t let this happen to you. Always scrutinize the photographers you hire because in the end, you’ll be the one suffering and feeling that you’ve wasted your money on pictures that look like a child took them.

Conduct interviews

Interviewing potential portrait photographer Aberdeen is the best way you ensure yourself that you are actually hiring a professional who knows how to do portrait photography. Set an interview schedule with your prospective portrait photographer and ask the relevant questions that will help you separate the professionals from the enthusiasts. The first set of questions you should ask your photographer should be in regards to his experience in this field of photography. Ask, how long has he been doing portrait photography? Did he receive any formal training or did he attend a workshop in portrait photography? Does he have a list of references which you can contact? Can you see a sample of his previous work in portrait photography?

If your prospective portrait photographer is hesitant in answering and giving you information about his experience in the job, chances are he isn’t a professional. A professional portrait photographer is very willing to tell you details of previous work experience because he knows this is the golden ticket which you are looking for to him aboard. Portrait photography is a very competitive field and a portrait photographer’s previous experience is his weapon. If he doesn’t have experience it would not be wise to have him take your portrait.

After you’ve found the right professional photographer for the job, you should now ask questions regarding the job itself. Talk to him about what style he uses in portrait photography, your vision for the shoot and if he has shot something similar. Ask him about whether he will be the one to personally oversee the shoot or would he send his assistant instead. Will he be covering the shoot alone or will he have a team? Will that cost extra? And of course ask about the different packages he can offer you and negotiate the price.

It is important that before you say yes, you and your potential portrait photographer understand each other’s vision.

Talk about what you want and what you can handle, what poses are off limits for you and the general time frame until you can get the actual photos. You have to be clear in saying what you want and what you don’t. If you can’t understand something or something is bothering you don’t be shy to voice it out in a question. This will help your prospective portrait photographer understand what you expect from him and help him decide whether he can meet those expectations. If he can meet and answer all of your expectations and queries, no doubt he’ll be perfect as your portrait photographer. Make sure that you hire a professional like http://www.sarahferryphotography.com/  for shoots like this.