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Safety in Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonParents around the world, be warned! If you hire a newborn photographer without the necessary training or experience, you can be putting your newborn baby in danger! There are several things you need to know about the safety in newborn photography.

Room condition

The set where the baby will have his photography session it should be clean and warm. Because the baby is still very young and is mostly naked at the time, the slightest mistake can put him in danger. You also want to point it out to your photographer that you want the blankets used to clean and fresh. A warm room will also keep the baby calm and asleep.


The properties that your photographer must be safe as well. Before the session, you can ask what kind of props does the photographer work with? Ask to be shown them with the portfolios pictures as well, so you know how they will look like on your baby. Don’t hesitate to ask if the use of a certain prop will put your baby in danger.

Some photographers who are very experienced usually have 0 accidents with their use of props because they ensure safety first. Ask your photographer if there has never been anything wrong with the use of the prop and the prevention measures he puts. If you want to bring your own props, consult it to the photographer first and don’t force the use of that prop if he is not confident or sure about it.


The more experienced is a photographer the more portfolios he has. And you will be able to see him work with various props in a newborn photography session. Like the pictures taken by Sue Kennedy, you can see that the photographer knows what he’s doing.

Carrying babies

Photographers should know how to properly hold a baby. You have the rights to ask the photographer to handle your newborn baby more carefully or teach him about it. Some babies have to be carried differently because of their structures that just got out after being in the same place for 10 months. A good photographer will obviously show care and tenderness when handling a baby that small.

The photographer has to support the head and not lift him up by pulling a single limb or the head. The baby has to be moved carefully and put unto soft, warm surface. Cold surface with shock the baby up and causes him to stir uncomfortably.


Every pose with the baby holding his own head up or put in an adult-like position is most dangerous. Make sure that there is an adult supporting the baby or you can volunteer for it yourself. The baby’s bones are very fragile at this stage, so they are not supposed to be put to work and should be supported by adults.

Ask the pose to be edited instead, but this is better discussed during meetings before your labor or the day of the newborn photography session. Mention what you allow and don’t during it, as well as any special requests for it.