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How to Do Asian Wedding Photography

asian wedding photographyAs a wedding photographer, exploring the Asian wedding photography can be challenging. It’s true that the essence is still the same for any kind of wedding photography and that is to take pictures of the couple. However, for a different culture, it can be different in terms of what really matters in during the procession.

Knowing the Asian culture

A wedding photographer who wants to take pictures of the Asian weddings has to know the traditions that people of the Eastern part of the world take. Some can be pretty strict with traditions and their parents are typically the people that push them to go with all the traditions.

Depending on the Asian culture you are referring to, each race and country has his own tradition. The even different region in a country can have different ways of doing things, so the safest step you must take is to ask the couples about it. Ensure that you know what will happen and the itinerary. Do your own research on the pictures that people take during Asian weddings.

Learning from others

A quick way to learn about Asian wedding photography is to work with other photographers who have more experience with it. It’s not every day that someone will hire you even though they know you have never shot in an Asian environment before. So, learn about it and experience it yourself once or more with someone who’s been there before.

On the other hand, you can learn about Asian wedding photography from our recommendation here: www.sukhichandi.com. You can see some really good pictures that you can learn from. It’s a good idea to see which part is the photographer focused on and do a research on them. For example, in Indian wedding photography, you can see that the photographer focuses a lot on details.

Relate with parents

Photographers must keep in mind to understand parents of the couples that are getting married. The parents are very influential in many cases and the photographer has to relate to them. Whatever you do, it has to be something that the parents agree with. And there’s more.

In many cases, you can be surprised when you see that the parents had actually invited other photographers over. They find the need to hire more people to ensure that they get the pictures they want. Many of the older generations think that this is an obvious thing to do. You cannot really complain much and the best thing to do when that happens is to quickly hit it up with the other photographers.

Make sure that both of you are not in the way of each other while working in a wedding. It’s best that you can share on who gets what place during what time.

Be patient!

As a wedding photographer for Asian wedding photography, you will be faced with people who could act differently the way your clients usually are. Some photographers are faced with quite ridiculous hours of weddings and have to stay up in the middle of the night. For the married couple, it’s often the ‘best’ hour to get married.