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Why Get a Portrait Done

The first portrait photo was taken in 1839 by an American, Robert Cornelius. A picture taken with not much thought, today, portrait has grown into the society and is accompanied with meanings behind.

Then, portrait became something every family had to do. Like a tradition, especially in the eastern part of the world. Then, the trend receded. Today, ‘we don’t have to follow the tradition we never agreed to.’ Many people see this as only a formality and at the same time, they feel the distance. Even self-portrait is not really a thing anymore, unless you need it for your portfolio.

Of course, one of the main reason to do self-portrait is portraits are important in certain jobs; applying for positions that require to have a good physical appearance demand for a good portrait done.

However, other than that, portraits have the ability to keep memories like no others can. The moment of taking a picture in a portrait, let it be alone or together, is a way to store your memory even when your brain fails you. Getting a portrait done is like checking on a milestone in life.

Family portrait

Jacksonville family photographerIn a world with advanced technology today where it only takes a few flights to reach someone and a few clicks to talk to someone, we see no necessity in keeping memories if you can connect with the other person directly, however, the case is not always so. We are all preoccupied with our life, our family, our job, our friends, sometimes, we just do not have the time to talk with that person even when we want to. “He must be fine. I’ll do it later.” Having a family portrait taken by a Jacksonvile family photographer like  that can be seen all time helps us to remember that there is this family member of mine somewhere across the world doing his things and living his life.

A family portrait is one complete with love to fill its frame.

“I wonder how he’s doing.”

“I’m gonna make some time for him.”

A portrait is strong like that. A Newcastle portrait photographer can capture moments that bring you memories, alleviate your mood, and remind you of the moment when you were together long enough to take a portrait together. It’s like a picture of your togetherness that never fades.


Taking a self portrait is also something memorable. Usually in a self-portrait, you pose for yourself in a way you do not usually do. You appear different, act differently, as if you are a whole new person in that session. You feel the change of becoming a different person. In a self-portrait, usually close up pictures will also be taken by Newcastle portrait photographer and in here, your emotions, appearance and thoughts are captured. A portrait done like this does not simply record you in a certain kind of attire; it records your memories of the time, why did you think of taking that pictures, what are important occasions that happened around the time the portrait is taken. That one self-portrait itself taken by a Jacksonville family photographer tells a thousand stories you can talk about to your family later even when years have gone by.