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Why is Wedding Rehearsal the Reason?

photographer in YorkThere are photographers who believe in that they’ve done excellent and that they should remain so. There are also rare photographers who always believe they should do more every time they sign a contract with someone. As a photographer in York, which one is you?

That’s the case when many photographers are asked if they attend the rehearsal of their clients. Even when the client has gracefully invited them over, some think it’s a waste of time, others simply never had the time to. What is the significance of attending one anyway?

Why it matters

Wedding rehearsal can become the time where you discover a lot of things about your clients. Aside from the conversation you have with them through emails and consultation, this is one of the rare occasion where you get to also meet their significant others.

They’ll be inviting a lot of guests over and their parents will also come. It’s a relaxed night where everyone just chills and jokes about how the couples are going to be really official later on. No stress.

That’s right, no pressure is applied, yet you will be trying to take some pictures as if it’s the wedding day. This is the best chance to practice your current job. It’ll sharpen your skills and make sure that you have found the best places to get your best pictures of the day, like what this photographer in York got and showed on her site at

To show your respect

You also need to show respect to the person that has hired and invited you to the occasion. It’s a way to tell them that you’re serious and will give your all to prepare for the day. It’s not going to be just another wedding photography session.

That’s something that, even if it’s not the truth, your client wants to see. They want to know that they’ve found someone who is really worth the investment they made and will do their all for their wedding.

You can help your client

It can also be the chance to help your client. You never know if your experience of having attended so many weddings can lead to telling them the best way to put their flower arrangements or even where the stage should be at.

The sun shining high above, the trees blocking the view, the bridge is too weak, these are things that wedding vendors are often met with and you are one of those people. By giving a few thoughts, you are showing how experienced you are and allow your clients to create a better memory. The appearance of the party will, eventually, affect your portfolios, too.

Get to know more people

We all know that introducing ourselves in the middle of the job is pretty disrespectful and many people don’t appreciate that. But during this rehearsal moment, you get to talk to the people that also attend it. Aside from making things comfortable with the bridesmaids and groomsmen who will also have pictures taken by you, this is also your chance.

Expanding your network is a necessary thing. Clients won’t come back to you anymore after their wedding is finished. So, you have to be able to let yourself be known to more potential clients as a photographer in York.