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Wedding Videos for Dummies

wedding video WaterfordThe first accepting an offer in shooting wedding videos? Congratulations to you. This first job will become a very precious experience for you. How well you’ll do from now on will decide if future clients will want to hire you and promote you or not.

Because of that, it is absolutely important that you don’t mess up! Check out why Golden Moments Photography is one of the most wanted studios to get wedding video Waterford done!

Learn how to hide ugly transitions

One of the ways to do this is to shoot lots of B-rolls. These are clips of things that do not really have important things to do with the wedding, but they are still part of it. Shoot the guests arriving, drinking, chatting. Or the settings of the party separately, like the flowers, tableware, decoration, and interior as well as the exterior of the building.

Use a firm tripod

A firm tripod will protect your video from being shaky and blurry. While it’s obvious, this is too important to not be mentioned.

Study the layout of the venue

Since this is the first time, the wise thing is to prepare for the battle by learning how it’s going to look like. You don’t have much experience, which means you have to make up of the side you’re lacking by planning properly.

Visit the layout at least once before the wedding day. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to figure out how big the room is going to be and where should you position your camera as well as your lighting equipment at. This means that you have to spend a whole day scouting these place, yes.

If your client is kind enough to invite you to their rehearsal, be sure to attend it. That’s your big chance to do a test shoot of the wedding. Since several guests will also attend, you can now imagine how if there are people blocking the way of your camera and how to not annoy guests by blocking their view. This is the kind of practice that every beginner should do to ensure their first wedding video Waterford is a success.

Maintain firm grip

Part of the job may demand you to lift your camera up to film things. Since big equipment will cost you a lot of money and space, this is still a preferred method for many. Maintaining firm grip will mean you have to regularly exercise your grip’s strength, eat healthily before working, and notice if any numbness or pain occurs.

Work with photographer

If your client has also hired a photographer, it’s best to go and get to know them. Ask a little bit about how they are going to work and if possible tag along to capture similar things. You think that’s going to be a nuisance? No, some couples would love to see the live version of their wedding pictures and they will actually love it!

If possible, you can build partnerships with wedding photographers you meet. Offering packages that include you and photographers to clients will be beneficial to both of you.

Enjoy the work

You will probably be so nervous at the first job that you are afraid that you’ll black out. But if you’ve done your preparation accordingly and follow the tips here, your first wedding video should not be far from a success and satisfaction to your first client!